People who have just given Merch their first try usually think that Amazon is an automatic e-commerce platform and their businesses involve only product info’s updating and customer waiting. It’s supposed that this way of thinking is not wrong as Amazon is a massive market – a “fertile field” with a tremendous amount of traffic from worldwide customers. But it’s not just you who has the eyes on that huge tasty pie. Its high level of competition seems to perk up every day along with the increasing demand of customers. That’s why we MerchIntel thinks that instead of waiting passively for orders, we will help you to achieve your desired KPI from a more fundamental approach.

With a brilliant founder team who started and succeded as a Merch player years ago, we can confidently say that we thoroughly understand the concerns of new players, or even of those who have years of experience but yet found a suitable strategy. Many merchants are still wondering why their constantly-updated design could not attract customers? To improve this unsatisfactory business situation, merchants need to pay attention to 3 critical factors:

The first is the market

“To know oneself is true progress” – To grow your business successfully, you must know how the market was, is, and will be. Studying your rival is not an effective way (due to the massive amount of merchants on Merch by Amazon, it would be impossible for you to study on by one on time). Instead, you can save yourself some time by using MerchIntel. Our smart analysis tool provides a data source of over 6 million continuously updated designs. With a user-friendly interface, you can trace, retrieve, and access valuable data easily and quickly, much faster than what other applications can offer. Moreover, from these numbers, you can identify trendy designs and make in-time business decisions, for instance, which design should you put out next. To be more specific, MerchIntel provides users with Top Keywords that are appearing multiple times on Amazon. From how well you can to put these keywords on your product’s description, your product could be easily top the search result page. For example, the current top search keyword is “crew” and your theme is “summer holiday”. The ideal product description could be something like “summer holiday of crew”. Remember, the closer you get to the trend, the more likely your product is to be noticed by customers.

The second is products

If you have skimed through marketing trategies before starting your business, you should be familiar with the 4P concept, which claimed that Product (the first “P”) is the most important factor in the marketing process. Whether your business succeed or not depends on your product quality. This seems to be an easy task for Merch market as the manufacture and quality management are controlled by Amazon, and what merchant can do to improve their product quality is focusing on the design.

The next question is how to come up with a stunning design. There are many cases which your brainchild did not receive the best responses from customers. Why? We assume that a good design which is highly rated by your friends and relatives, or even yourself, might not be rated the same by the majority of customers. Don’t let this happen to you! By using MerchInter, you are provided with accurate data about trends, best seller designs, and even price ranges based on the market latest updates. It does not mean that that you have to be a copycat stealing others’ trendy designs. We MerchIntel believe that a true designer like you would be able to create your own stunning designs, which is both unique and trendy, from the data we provided.

Last but not least, its’s business strategy

Every business should have a suitable business strategy based on the current status of the market and their store. With MerchIntel, you will be the first the notice the market fluctuation. When the World Health Organization (WHO) announced Covid-19 outbreak as a global pandemic, the number of products allowed to be uploaded by Amazon showed signs of decreasing and by March 26, the entire Amazon system shut down, stopping Merchants from uploading new products. Through MerchIntel’s “New designs per day” chart, you can realize immediately the absence of a new product in every store, thus, understanding why couldn’t you upload new products. This can change your business decisions afterwards, for instance, when you should reopen for business or whether you should put out new designs right away or wait for a better market signal. The decision is yours, still, MerchIntel is the most effective support tool to make these decisions much easier and more accurate.

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